Google is cutting ties with Internet Pornography


It is great to see Google taking some steps to help push back the darkness. Recently Google made a pretty bold move. It isn’t new that the company has a controversial stance within their corporate policy in regard to their position against pornographic material, but they have now decided to take things further.

While there are those who would disagree with this corporate stance for various reasons, it is incredible that Google is taking such a firm a posture against the porn industry. This new constraining and declining of the accessibility of explicit content through their platform is the first step in cleaning up the web.

“Google recently sent an email alerting their advertisers – particularly pornography and other adult themed websites – that they will be implementing their new advertising policy which eliminates pornographic and sexually explicit ads. In addition, it seems Google will also no longer link to sites that contain such materials, no matter how benign their advertising.” –

As I read this news, no matter how small of a change it may directly make, I couldn’t help but rejoice a little. Simply as a person, this is a joyful day for anyone who sees and understands the harm in which the porn industry provokes for its viewers, those involved in its cultivation, and everyone who interacts with anyone involved in viewing or making porn.

While it’s obvious that not every single website will get filtered out of Google‘s system immediately, and it isn’t going to instantly do that much to limit the limitless access to porn for just about anyone with an Internet connection, it’s a great start regardless. We ought to be thankful for this; praying for Google, their AdSense platform, and the changes being made within their company. This truly is great news for the web.



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