Recommended Basketball Media


Some recommended basketball movies and documentaries:

The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend (1:30, G)
• Hoosiers (1:54, PG)
• Glory Road (1:58, PG)
The Dream Team (1:07, TV-PG)
• Finding Forrester (2:16, PG-13)
30 for 30 – Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks (1:08, TV-PG)
• 30 for 30 – 40 Minutes of Hell (1:08, TV-PG)
• 30 for 30 – Survive and Advance (1:08, TV-PG)
Jump Shot – History (6:33, PG)

Some recommended basketball training videos:

Stronger Team Basketball Drills
Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: Dribbling
Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: Ball-Handling
Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: Passing
Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball: Shooting

*** to be revised and updated later.


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