Feeling a little beat down today?


How about we just think about now, just right now. Well, today kind of stinks… Maybe it’s still the morning and you already want to just go back to bed. I’ve been there. Today is painful and you don’t really like where you are today. Okay, I’ll admit my day hasn’t been perfect either, but that doesn’t get solved by fantasy. Science is not going to develop a time-machine, you’re not going to find a magic lamp in the desert, you’re not going to find a hidden portal somewhere in the depths of the sea… so you’re not going back and changing anything! That’s why the gospel is so important. You’re not going back and changing anything. Christ has already, in the cross, redeemed whatever is back there! Whatever is going on right now was already known about in God’s perfect divine foreknowledge. But you’re not going back. The decisions you have made, you’ve made. The decisions you have not made, you haven’t made. That’s yesterday. That’s earlier today.

So, please don’t sacrifice today, or even tomorrow because of some fairy tale “what if” land. Please let go of your pride, stop telling yourself that you’re too far gone, your past is just too dark, the pain is too severe, the depression is just too uncontrollable, the anxiety is too crushing, please let it go and find some close brothers and sisters to walk with through whatever you’re going through. And continue to walk with them. Press into the Lord and pray for healing and hope like a stubborn, relentless child begging for a toy, like the persistent a widow (Luke 18:1-8). God loves to answer our prayers and wants us to come to Him for rest, hope, and help. Please, remember there is always hope to be found and enjoyed in Christ Jesus. We find our grace-motivated strength not in our own willpower but rather in the fact that all of our sin (past, present, and future) all of our struggles, all of our shortcomings, and all of our failures were paid for, in full by Jesus Christ in the cross (Colossians 2:13-15).

“We never keep ourselves to the present moment. We look forward to the future as too slow in coming, as if to hasten its arrival, or we remember the past to hold it up as if it happened too quickly. We are so distracting that we stray into times which are not our own and do not think of the only one that is truly ours.” – Blaise Pascal

Jesus never told a living person to depart or get away from Him. Instead, He said we should all be like children, to come to Him like a child (Matthew 18:1-6; John 3:3), and told His disciples to let the children come to Him (Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17). Jesus never turned away the drunk, poor, prostitute, sick, murderer, liar, thief, tax collector, or any sinner. He went to them, and graciously loved on them. So don’t dwell on false notions of reasons you can’t approach the King. Take strength in your rest in Christ’s already finished work (Matthew 11:28-30; 1st John 5:1-5). He didn’t die so you could worry about your failures, He died willingly to give you life, and life to the full (John 10:10; 11:25-26).

In Jesus Christ, our hearts are marked by grace, grace that exceeds our guilt, abundant grace that is greater than all our sin. Some come all you weary and tired souls, and find the rest that your exhausted heart has been searching for.


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